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My Brands

Branding is important, especially for starting a business.


Infinity Fiction llc

Infinity Fiction is a web based company that supports writers and other artists. For now, it's primary function is to help up-and-coming artists by promoting their works.

In the future, however, it will do far more than promote. It will be a community for writers and artists to collaborate. Together, we will make amazing, unforgettable stories.

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The Temporal War

The Temporal War is a board game and a collectable trading card game. It is my brain child and the first official product of Infinity Fiction. 

With the 2023 holiday season as a launch goal, The Temporal war will be the main focus of Infinity Fiction's marketing efforts. Once to market, its profits will be reinvested into the greater vision of the company.

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As an entrepreneur, especially in today's world, you must manage your public image.

That is why, along with promoting Infinity Fiction and The Temporal War, I will be sharing bits and pieces from my personal life as well. Follow my blog or any of the social medias below.

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