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A Wonderful World: Intro.

Exploring Natural and Man-made Wonders

Experience the world! Explore your surroundings!

Come explore the hidden corners of this earth with me. From breathtaking landscapes and wildlife to secret spots among tall buildings, we can discover together. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or only dabble in travel, I hope you will follow along. Maybe you will find these stories inspirational or learn some helpful tips. Or maybe all you want is a little light reading and entertainment. Whatever the case, I'm happy to see you!

A Quick Look Back

Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee, I was surrounded by nature. Forests, cliffs, creeks, ponds, and all sorts of wildlife were only steps away, as I stepped outside the house. Looking back, as isolated as I may have felt at times, I was also lucky.

When I left for college, I got to experience life from a new angle. I was exposed to art and culture, as well as lifestyles I had never seen before.

It truly was an eye opening experience, but it didn't stop there.

While in college, I had the opportunity to study in Maastricht, Netherlands for six months. This was an incredible experience that allowed me to explore many cities in Europe and experience their cultures first hand. I also got to meet people from all over the world and learn about life from their perspective. It was a magical time and a hard goodbye.

After graduating college, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and have been here ever since. It is a wild and beautiful city, with its bustling streets and vibrant nightlife. I've grown to appreciate it, and city life in general, almost as much as nature... almost.

Then of course, there are all the vacations I've been on with family and friends. While they may be too few and far between for my taste, they have been unforgettable, nonetheless.

Beauty Is Everywhere

At this point in my life, I am saving up money and getting ready to make some big changes. In other words, I can't afford to travel much at this time. However, I still have many stories to share.

So until I go on more adventures, most of my posts in this category will be diving into the past.

I'll also be highlighting parks and hidden gems closer to home. I'm sure there are plenty of places that I haven't explored yet, which brings me to one important point.

Finding beauty in your everyday life is incredibly important. It can be easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty of life, but it helps to step back and actually appreciate the mundane. Whether it's the sunset that passes you by every single day or a piece of street art that popped up on some corner, it's important to be looking out for these magical moments.

If you do, you will be sitting back in your later years, filled with fond memories. If you don't, you will only have fleeting highlights. Delicious bites, yes, but you'll also have empty holes, times you spent waiting on the next big thing. Meanwhile, the world was passing you by.

Sorry to be a bummer, but I can't stress it enough. Love the life your living!

I'm excited to see all life has to offer, the good and the bad. Most of all, looking forward to putting it into words and sharing it here, with you!

Dream Destinations

Dream Destination. It is a silly concept and a brilliant one at the same time.

In a literal sense, we all know that dreams come to us in the middle of the night, when we least expect them. They take us to places we never thought possible, if only for a short while. Therein lies the problem. They are fleeting, and even worse, they were never real to start.

When you look at it this way, it could be said that most people never get the chance to go to their dream destination. They never have the time, or they never have the funds.

On the other hand, a dream can mean something entirely different. A dream can also describe an idea or a goal. It can be something tangible, a challenge, but always possible.

I like both approaches. My dream destinations are real places, but yes, there is a chance that I may not see them all. In that way, they may never become real, and that is okay. Succeed or fail, like everything else in life, I will enjoy the process of trying.

Here are my top ten dream destinations as they stand now, not in a particular order:

  1. Tokyo, Japan - The center for anime and urban Japanese culture, need I say more?

  2. London, England - I've met people from the UK and from London, but I regret to say that it was not one of my stops while studying abroad. Someday. For sure!

  3. New Zealand - All of it. I've never seen one bad picture of the country. Also LOTR...

  4. The Northern Lights - Less of a place and more of an event, I want to see this magical moment for myself, as I'm sure many of us do.

  5. Hawaii, USA - I want to see the volcanoes, the wildlife, and the forests. I'm not a great swimmer, and I don't enjoy tourist spots too much, but hey, it'll be worth it!

  6. The Amazon Jungle - With an experienced tour guide like Dwane the Rock Johnson, how could it go wrong!? Seriously though, I'm ready to gear up and go inside!

  7. Shaolin Temple Yunnan - Put me in coach! I want to stay for a month and learn some traditional martial arts in a location so rich with culture.

  8. West Coast, USA - Honestly, this is just an excuse for an RV road trip! What can I say?

  9. New York City, USA - As a former theatre actor, I have got to catch a show, preferably Off-Broadway, but that's just me. And hey, let's see the city too, yeah!?

  10. The Virtual World - Plug me in! I will become The One!

The list above will change whenever I add another destination or cross one off the list.

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