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Do You Struggle With Social Media Too?

It's a great on so many levels, but it's not easy for introverts like myself.

We're all familiar with the topic: the pros and cons of social media.

However, when we usually talk about this, we're talking about its impact on individuals and society as a whole. In this article, I'm going to be focusing on social media from the perspective of an introverted entrepreneur.

So here's the problem: If you want to start of business or share your passion with the world, you need to use social media these days, either that, or higher someone to do it for you.

Now let's say you can't afford the latter option. How do you go about doing something you would normally have zero interest in pursuing? Well, let's see...

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The Glaring Issue

Before you can solve any problem or take on any challenge, you have to identify the reason behind the problem in the first place. For me, it's disinterest.

I mean, why should I have to jump through the hoops of social media? Don't actions speak louder than words? I don't want to have to find something to post about every day, just to stay relevant in the eyes of some AI algorithm.

I suppose it all comes down to one thing. Although I can seem extroverted at times, especially at work or at a special event, I am definitely not. The only things I want to talk about and listen to are our deepest interests. Unfortunately, it seems at least 90% of social media is small talk, every introvert's worst nightmare.

Talk about frustration!

My Reason for Caring

As I mentioned already, this article is written from an entrepreneurial viewpoint, but it could also apply to artists, writers, or anyone else with a deep passion they wish to share.

If you know me personally or have read a few of my articles already, then you probably already know where I'm going with this: Infinity Fiction LLC and The Temporal War. These are my passions right now: a company for artists and an upcoming board/card game.

If it weren't for these brands, I would be content to live my life completely off the grid. I grew up in the mountains of TN, and that's where I'll eventually settle down (if everything goes as planned).

So here we are, back at the start. Has this article felt a little monotonous up to this point? Have I successfully drug you in a circle? Well, that's the feeling I get with social media.

So now what?

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The Solution that Works for You

At the end of the day, social media outlets reward frequent posting and interactions, far more than they do quality content. At least, that's where a lot of the research points.

Maybe you have a lot of content ideas, but you're worried people won't like them. This is not a bad place to be. My advice, forget about quality. That will increase naturally with time, and even when you are putting out great content, not everyone will identify. Once you get over your mental hurtle of self doubt, you'll find that social media was practically made for you!

Then you have people like me, those with only a few things they truly want to share. If you like to keep an organized schedule like me, then here's what I suggest:

Step 1) Set aside an hour a day. During this hour, you will be interacting with all your social media accounts. Don't passively scroll. If something catches your interest or is in line with your brand, share it and comment. If a quick post idea comes to you, go ahead. But most importantly, DON'T get sucked in by this. That hour is all you have. Have something else planned afterward, something important and time bound. Burnout is real!

Step 2) Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind more to the world around you. For us introverts, this is the hard part. Take note of anything that could be a social media post; literally, take notes! Take pictures as well. I know it feels wrong, but so does small talk, and remember, that's 90% of the social media game. If a post idea is quick and easy (1 or 2 minutes), go ahead. Otherwise, save it. Time spent in your phone at this point, is also time not spent looking for things to post about.

Step 3) Once a week, instead of only spending 1 hour on your social media, set aside 3 hours. I know, that's a lot, but it's only once a week, and this is where professionals make their money. The first week you do this, spend as much time as you need searching "How to schedule a post in...", and do this for every social media channel you use. From then on, you will be using this three hour window to schedule as many posts as possible for that week. This is where all the note taking and picture taking from Step 2 pays off!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps!

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