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Five Star Features: Intro.

Only the Best

"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." - Thumper

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, nor do I care much for critics, but I do know when I like something. That's what this blog category is all about. The things I review will all be talked about very highly, based on my own subjective opinions. To stay on theme, I aim to write no more than five of these per month, so no spam, only goodies!

Topics of Interest

As I said, I am no expert. Even so, there are a few topics that I'm going to be reviewing more than others.

The first one is a classic: restaurants. I've worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade, so I do feel qualified to have an opinion in this department.

The second will be hiking trails and parks. I love the outdoors, a love that surely came from a childhood spent growing up in the rural mountains of Tennessee. So when I find a trail or park that captures that feeling, I will be sure to share.

The third is as classic as the first: TV shows, movies, books, and plays. Any medium for story telling falls into this genre. As a former actor and a writer, I will mostly be focused on the story elements and the characters. I won't be talking as much about design, such as special effects, musical scores, or anything along those lines.

I will also be highlighting individual artists and small businesses. Basically, I'll be giving credit to people and organizations that haven't quite hit the main stream. These individuals and companies, while relatively unknown to the world, should definitely receive their dues!

Nobody's Perfect

Just because something or someone lands a spot in this blog category, that doesn't mean they are perfect.

Of course, if they have impressed me enough to write an entire article about them, I won't have many negatives of which to talk about.

However, the few negatives I do see will be covered, because it is important to acknowledge our imperfections. We are human after all. That being said, I won't be dwelling on anything. That would defeat the whole purpose of a five star review, don't you think?

I know there will be those thinking something like, "If their negatives are worth mentioning at all, shouldn't they be given a four star review instead?" To that line of thinking, I'd like to point out that your teachers in grade school didn't give you a B for getting a 98 on quizzes.

In the same respect, if I were to give a score from one to one hundred. my five star reviews would be over 80. Simply put, one hundred divided by five is twenty. A zero to twenty would be a one star review, twenty-one to forty would be a two star review, and so on.

Personal Opinions

Finally, I'd like to admit that my reviews are subjective. What I like may not be what you like, and that is okay.

Whether or not you agree with one of my reviews is beside the point. My only wish is to raise awareness for those I feel deserve the chance.

If you decide you agree with one of my reviews, that's great. If you decide to try something new because of one, that's even better. In any case, thank you for reading!


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