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Land of Geeks: Intro.

What it Takes

Anyone can be a geek! Chances are you're already one, assuming you didn't know that already.

You don't have to like comics or anime to be a geek. All you have to do is have an interest that you, at least sometimes, obsess over. Then, you must have a desire to share that interest with others. These are my thoughts at least. Feel free to disagree.

Hobbies and Interests

Any hobby or interest can be considered geeky if it involves a deep connection and understanding of the subject. For example, some football and baseball fans have an encyclopedic knowledge of the teams, players and statistics associated with their sport.

As long as you take your interest further than the average fan, you have the makings of a geek.

Being a geek isn't something of which to be ashamed. Having a hobby or interest that ignites a passion within you is amazing! The feeling you get when you are unabashedly enjoying that which you love, that is what makes life worth while.

So if you have a hobby or interest that you thoroughly enjoy, something that you know more about than most people you know, be proud. Wear your geek badge with pride. If you don't have something to geek out over, I suggest you get one.

A Sense of Community

Once you have found that thing you love, you may feel a desire to share it with others. This can lead to discovering your "geekdom"!

Let's pause real quick and look at the word "geekdom". It has many different definitions, but to be precise, I'm using the definition that says "the whole set of geeks in a particular field of interest".

Now, as I was saying, finding your geekdom is a crucial part of becoming a geek. If you don't want to share your interest with others, you're not a geek. You're a nerd.

There is anything wrong with nerding out over something, but don't confuse the two terms. Geeks build communities, online or in person. Nerds keep to themselves. They tell no one about the things they like, and are content to stay that way.

If you are truly happy keeping your interests to yourself, then by all means, do so. However, if you're simply afraid of being judged for the things you like (assuming they aren't illegal), then you're torturing yourself for no reason.

Go find your geekdom my friend. Be happy! Be free!

My Geekdoms

I have many different interests and hobbies, but only a select few that I take as far as "geeking out over".

For instance, I like soccer, and my favorite team is Atlanta United, because I live near Atlanta. I even play soccer, but this is as far as that interest goes.

A true soccer geek knows the names of all the players on their favorite team, at least eleven of the starters. They may even go as far as to know all the major players in their favorite league and know the final scores of many recent or important games.

So no, soccer is not one of my geekdoms. However, I would say I fall into at least five different ones. Here is a list of all my geekdoms as they stand right now, or all the ones that I can think of at the moment:

  1. Tabletop Gaming - While relatively new to the geekdom as a whole, I have spent many hours a day creating and promoting my own tabletop game, The Temporal War. Surely this counts for something!

  2. Online Card Games - I'm not into most video games, but card games are my jam. Playing in person is fun, but playing online is so easy to get started doing.

  3. Watching Anime - I have been watching anime since I was small, but I truly dived into the geekdom while I was in college. A friend introduced me "Fairy Tail", and I never looked back.

  4. Collecting Trading Cards - I go in and out on this one. Currently, I have a decent sized Yu-Gi-Oh! collection and a very specific MTG collection.

  5. Karaoke - I've loved singing since I was a young angsty preteen, and I've been singing karaoke since college. At first, it was an occasional thing, but now, I can easily say that I have sang over one hundred different songs, and that list keeps growing.

  6. Writing - While I like to read, I thoroughly enjoy writing. It may take me months to chew through a book, but I could write far into the night, if life allowed.

Those are all the geekdoms I can think about now, but knowing me, I'm sure I forgot one. Follow this blog category and revisit this blog post if you want to geek out with me!

I'll be sure to update the list above, whenever I get into a new geekdom!


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