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The Temporal Realm: Intro.

The Ultimate Arena Battler!

Trading Cards? Check! Dice? Check! Board? Check!

What do you do when you're board? Do you play a game, watch a show, or read a book? While those are all valid options, what about creating something new? That's is the story of how The Temporal War came to be. Out of a moment of boredom, in the middle of a power outage no less, I decided to make a game. Years later, and here we are!

Game Summary

Grab some friends, because this dice throwing, card trading, action packed game can accommodate up to six players. Choose a summoner to be your avatar, and summon allies to your aid.

Move strategically around a hexagonal arena, and fend off your enemies until time runs out, OR go on the offensive and eliminate all your opponents!

When The Temporal War hits the shelves, just in time for the 2023 holiday season, there will be six playable factions. Based on classic fantasy tropes and spiced with original lore, the factions are the humans, the undead, the elves, the beasts, the angels, and the demons.

There will be three starter kits with two factions in each kit. They will have dice, the board, and everything else needed for a 1v1 game. More game pieces and cards will be sold separately, for all those collectors and competitive players.

If you like competitive strategy games and/or collecting, you will love The Temporal War.

Research & Development

A little over two years have past since The Temporal War's inception. During that time, it has continuously evolved. Even now, as we prepare to launch, changes are being made.

In the coming months, all the way until the first batch of games are ordered, there will be public and private playtesting.

Playtesting has already been happening, of course, but more could never hurt. Also, these upcoming playtests will be a way to lay the groundwork for future tournaments. Ideally, the stores and locations where we playtest will also sell the game and host tournaments.

For now, these playtests will be taking place on Thursdays, starting sometime next month (February 2023). Be sure to follow "The Temporal War" on Facebook for more information on when and where these will happen.

Research & Development and playtesting won't stop once the game launches either, because just like all things in life, there is always room to improve!

Important Dates for 2023

As important dates regarding The Temporal War are announced, they will also be listed in this blog post.

So, if you want, you can bookmark this web page in your browser and revisit it from time to time.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Yet to be announced...


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