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The Infinity Chronicles: Intro.

What is Infinity Fiction LLC?

Where did we come from? What do we do? Where are we going?

Infinity Fiction is a web based company that is on a mission to support writers and artists. We believe creativity is humankind's greatest asset and collaboration is the key to success. We encourage emerging artists to promote each other and introduce them to projects they can work on together.

The Backstory

Infinity Fiction LLC was founded in 2017, but it's roots dig far deeper, back when the phone would scream at you if someone in the house was using the internet.

Please, follow me on a mad dash down memory lane...

Not only was I born in the early days of the internet, but I also grew up in the mountains of Tennessee. School and occasional weekends visiting friends were about the limit of my social interactions. Also, there was/is a fairly large age gap between my older sister and me.

Due to all this, a lot of my time was spent with books, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, video games, and trading card games. More importantly, I spent time alone with my own imagination, writing short stories, dreaming up TV and movie ideas, and even making games that I would play with friends and family, when we had the time.

Over the years, as technology grew more advanced and I grew older, I started emerging from my shell. One of my biggest leaps forward, as far as personal growth, came during my college years, when I started performing in local theatre. Through theatre, I was introduced to the broader world of art and creativity. The people I met and the things I saw, they pulled me out of an emotional slump and changed my life forever.

After college, I would go on to work in the restaurant industry, while chasing my dreams. There was only one thing I was sure about; I wanted to share my love for art with the world. Whether it be through acting, writing, or something else, I knew what motivated me in life. Over the years, I would meet many people like myself, following their passions. We worked in whatever way necessary to eventually realize our goals.

Then, one day, an idea came to me. I don't remember exactly what sparked it. Perhaps it was a talk with a friend over a drinks, or maybe it was a fever dream. Either way, I was struck with a vision. I could see a world where artists didn't have to struggle to survive, a world where people truly understood each other. This world would encourage creativity in everyone, instead of ignoring it, or even worse, fearing it.

Most importantly, I could see what a successful company in that world would look like.

I saw Infinity Fiction.

The First Steps

It's one thing to have a goal. It's another to achieve it.

Infinity Fiction was founded with a clear idea of where it was going but no clear path to those ends. Nevertheless, the vision was too enticing, so I pressed forward anyways.

The groundwork was laid immediately. Website domains were secured, the company was recognized as its own entity, and trademarks were established. Even so, something crucial was missing: money. The services that Infinity Fiction would strive to provide would also require a highly advanced web platform, which would not be a cheap endeavor.

Sure, loans and investors could have gotten the fire started, but without a source of income, it would be like trying to maintain a bonfire with kindling alone. So with a heavy heart, progress slowed. The next few years would be filled with quiet planning and searching for that missing element.

Then, in October of 2020, after a rough year for all (Thanks COVID-19.) a new idea emerged.

It started as a spur of the moment distraction. It was an idea for a game, like the ones I used to make when I was a kid. It was part card game, part board game. At first, I used a chess board and made hand drawn cards, because why not?

Perhaps it was childhood nostalgia, but in a few short months, the game with no name had turned into an obsession. It was all I could talk about and all I could think about. It was no longer a hobby, as I began seeing it for it's true potential. This game, if handled with care, could become Infinity Fiction's first actual product.

It was the missing firewood!

A Big Year Ahead!

As I'm sure you have guessed, the name of the game I'm talking about is The Temporal War. If all goes according to plan, everyone will soon be able to make pre-orders, and by late November or early December of 2023, the first copies of the game will be landing on their doorsteps and hitting the shelves of select game shops in Georgia and Tennessee.

For 2023, almost all of Infinity Fiction's marketing plan will be focused on this game. Behind the scenes, artists, business partners, and I will all be working to hit our deadlines.

Follow this blog, to keep up with Infinity Fiction news and general entrepreneurship advice.

Follow the blog for The Temporal War, for news related to it and game design as a whole.


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